Destination Equality believes that travel can change lives. Tourism is one of the top three industries globally and generates trillions of dollars annually to the global economy. But to grow even more destinations and companies must make sure that the hospitality industry is hospitable – not inhospitable. Our goal is to help destinations and companies ensure that travel remains safe for the global LGBT community and this includes creating a safe environment for both travelers and the host country people that welcome them.


Charlie Rounds

Charlie is a 50 year travel veteran. His career includes being the President of both RSVP Vacations and Brand g Vacations. He was on the board of directors of Meet Minneapolis and Amnesty International’s Executive Director’s Leadership Council 


A2Z Travel, Santo Domingo

Our goal is to give LGBT visitors to the Dominican Republic an exceptional travel experience. This includes not just seeing all that our country has to offer, but also to meet the local LGBT community. To achieve our goals we work with the tourism industry to help them better welcome LGBT tourists. We want to thank Destination Equality for their help in achieving our goals.



Mossier, Minneapolis

Mossier works with organizations to develop employment equity for everyone. LGBTQ. Equity at the workplace and also while traveling for business or on incentive trips. Destination Equality has helped us better inform our corporate partners concerning safety for their LGBTQ employees when they travel.