MX – Benefits from TransWave group in Jamaica

As a genderqueer person from Jamaica, I have benefited from the grant provided by CVC to TransWave for the various programmes that were implemented, including the support group. I remember the first time I visited the TransWave Support Group and realized that there were individuals there just like me. Through the support group, I was able to affirm my identity further, build a community of friends who I can rely on and skills that can help me cope when I face emotional or mental strife. The support group also provided a safe space for individuals by giving them a voice and ensuring that their stories were heard.  

While this is a great progress for ensuring that persons make the first step to seek redress or at least document their case, there is still more work to be done and few resources to respond to the overwhelming need of the community. I am trans-resilient in spite of the many remaining barriers and I am thankful for CVC for their continued support.